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Write for us

Looking for a guest posting opportunity in the culture-space? We offer writers and companies the opportunity to contribute articles to our online publication.

What you get:

– The opportunity to get your writing published by a third party online

– Your own author page on our website with links to your social media pages, website and a few other places of your choosing.

– The opportunity to gain exposure online


How to get your guest post featured

There are a few important things we consider when going through guest post submissions. Below you’ll find our guest contributor guidelines. Please read them carefully before submitting an article.



– Guest posts need to be at least 700 words long and should cover a topic in its entirety. If things are left unexplained or unclear to the reader then the article will not be published.

– Each post should be on a single topic.

– The content must be of native-level English. We do not mind a few spelling or grammar mistakes but we do not accept content written in poor English.

– We’re fine with you placing links in the content but make sure these links are relevant. Point people to research, interesting articles or useful supporting content, this can be your own or a third party’s. Being a contributor is a way of raising awareness for you as a writer or your company as a brand, we understand this. However, please keep links inside the content on topic and helpful. No direct or indirect selling. You have the opportunity to add these types of links (within reason) to your author bio page.

– Any content submitted to us has to be plagiarism-free and should never have featured anywhere else on the web.

– By submitting content you give us the full ownership writes of the content given.

– If we do not respond to your submission then one of the above things went wrong. If you meet the above requirements then we will always get back to you, either with recommended edits or a message saying that we accepted the article. The only time we do not respond is if your content is clearly not written in correct English (don’t worry too much about light spelling or grammar mistakes, we certainly don’t!:), your content is plagiarized or if you didn’t meet the word count.

– Please ensure that your post is unbiased and informational. We want to provide unbiased information and are not here to convince people about certain political or religious beliefs. Biased articles will not be accepted and you will not receive a response if this is the case.


What articles are you looking for?

We are focused on various topics related to culture. This can be travel, religion, countries, recipes, things to do in your home town etc. There’s a wide range of possibilities, feel free to pitch your idea beforehand if you want to be sure that your topic is right for us!



Where can I submit an article or a proposal?

Please submit your guest post to the email address below:

writeforus [at] oldroads.org

If you would prefer to discuss a topic beforehand or would like us to assign you a topic then please shoot us an email on that email address too!